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Register - if you do not have an account yet - or login and purchase the service you prefer. Upload your file when required and add the specifications needed. If instead you choose Stem Mastering Premium Service, Vinyl Stem Mastering or Special Mastering Service, ask for a quote to know the costs. Also after the purchase, when requested, add your contact (a phone number or an email address where we can easily contact you). Once the mastering specialist starts processing your file, he will contact you in order to better understand your requirements and update you on the project’s progress. A constant communication with the specialist will give you the opportunity to listen to the final product several times and have it modified until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Once the project is completed , you will receive your file in 4 formats (the formats number varies according to the service purchased):

Cd Version WAV – Streaming Version WAV – Video Version WAV – Mp3 (for personal use – not for sale) - Vinyl Version WAV (only when purchasing the designated service)

If needed, you also have the opportunity to request other digital formats such as AIFF or FLAC, etc.

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EasyAudioMastering is a music services web portal dedicated to professionals, composers and music enthusiasts. It's the ideal, fastest and quality wise better answer for musicians looking for mastering services to enhance their songs. A professional service done in the studio to enhance your music.



Stems or Full Mix.
We'll master your track using Analog and Digital equipment.

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