Our MASTERING service gives you the possibility to make your audio files sharper and clearer. Each Master is customized with the tracks’ features through high quality and reliable analog and digital equipment to guarantee an excellent playback.

To enhance the width of your mix, we will process the mid and side signals of your stereo track separately; we will find the right balance among Lufs , Peak and RMS to comply your master with the standards, without sacrificing its character and customization. Moreover, you have the possibility to send us the ISRC (if present), the cover image and all the single track’s additional data: they will be added as tags in every file we send you back.

Remember: for a better outcome, send us the tracks in WAV or AIFF, preferably at 44.1/48khz 24bit.

Mastering Services

bASIC Mastering

The most classic, easiest and basic service: the Full Mix Mastering, that is a single mixed track ready to be finalized.
Remember: the higher the file quality you send us, the better is the final result.

Stem Mastering

Upon request – Contact us for more info

Without any doubt, the Mastering service for excellence. This Mastering will be carried out working on each instrumental stem: by separating the stereo mix into separate instrument groups, the stem mastering offers more control over your sound than traditional stereo mastering and allows our mastering specialist to make more precise changes. The Stem Mastering service is ideal for those who aim for the best outcome. Moreover, all the Stem Mastering services include the backing track master.

Remember to provide a stem for each instrument: for ex., a stem for the drums or the beat, one for the bass, one for the acoustic guitar, one for the synth, etc., with the exception of the main voice, the backing voice, the piano and, if present, the solos, which have to be separate.



It consists in your A-side and B-side Lp (Album or Ep) or Vinyl Mix 12” o 7" (in case of a single) production. They will be ready to be sent to the audio engineer, who is in charge with the Lacquer cutting to produce the matrix for the processing of your record. This service requires a high level of professionalism and accuracy, both in the control of Macro and Micro Dynamics and in the balance among mid and side, phase correction and RMS. Send us your stems or, if you prefer, your ready-made mix (Full Mix): our specialist will remaster and adapt them for your Lp production, in compliance with the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) standard. This specific service does not include the issue of any other file, besides the Master intended for release on a vinyl record.

Remember: with 33 1/3 RPM Lp, 22min per side is ideal: in particular, we suggest you to choose soft closing pieces for each side, in order to avoid skating. For a sharper sound, we suggest a double 33 1/3 RPM Lp, (18/20 min. per side) or, for a higher quality, a double 45 RPM Lp (13/14 min. per side). For the Vinyl MiX 12” we suggest a maximum of 1/2 pieces for side, especially in case of House music. For the 7" 45RMP vinyl support, we raccomend only one song per side with a maximum duration of approximately 6:00 min. For this service, it is required a 24 bit WAV or AIFF 44.1/48khz or higher.



It consists in the DDP image creation for your Album or Ep pressing on Cd. Send us your stems or, if you prefer, your ready-made mix (Fullmix): our specialist will master them, creating the DDP image folder with all the information you providedn (ISRC code – Cover image – etc.). Streaming Version and Video Version on request of each Album or Ep track.

If needed, for all files you also have the opportunity to request other digital formats such as AIFF or AAC, etc.
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