Who we Are

“I’ve always thought that music has to sound as something personal, it has to identify with whom makes it, it has to have a character. However, this is not the case if you rely on automatic mastering web portals or software that employ algorithms which level out all the musical outputs. That’s why I decided to create EasyAudioMastering, a professional services portal at your fingerprints to make your music sound better without sacrificing the studio technologies that lend your tracks more character, complying with the current standards. Through a constant communication, the customer has the opportunity to listen to the final product several times and have it modified until he’s satisfied with the outcome”.

EasyAudioMastering is a Mastering Studio that carries out audio engineering services dedicated to professionals, composers and music enthusiasts.

Eam Studio

EasyAudioMastering is managed by specialists who customize each master with the track’s features through high quality and reliable analog and digital equipment, taking into account the musical genre, optimizing the sound and meeting your needs with unlimited project reviews up until the project delivery.
We focus on enhancing your tracks and highlighting your creativity, avoiding the artificial sound given by the use of automatic software.

This mastering services website has been created to give an effective and functioning experience. We offer an excellent sound reproduction on all devices, optimizing frequency and stereo width, finding the right balance among Lufs, Peak and RMS to comply your master with the current standards, making your music sound better.

We know that composers and musicians seek in our services the ideal track finalization and maximization.

Our specialists work on your mix line according to your requirements, highlighting the track’s characteristics, without sacrificing its warmth and dynamics. Through a right mid and side processing, they will shape the balance of your stereo image, making your tracks’ sound wider, deeper and more focused.

All this, using high quality equipment and converters.

Each master will be then adjusted for the different versions:

Cd Version for your physical CD.

Streaming Version for the web (very useful for platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc.).

Video Version in HQ for your video to be uploaded on YouTube.

HQ Lossless, audio in FLAC without any compression, intended for DVD/Bluray or online platforms: Tidal or Quboz for High Fidelity streaming.

Mp3 for your media player (not for sale).

(If needed, you also have the possibility to request other digital formats such as AIFF or FLAC, etc.).

Vinyl Version (only upon request) this service supplies with the specific file to be sent to the audio engineer, who will realize your vinyl record. (Lp, Vinyl Mix 12” or 7”).

Pietro Ferraina

EasyAudioMastering Founder and Technical Director. Certified as a mastering technician, he personally deals with the materials committed to EAM by the customer.

EasyAudioMastering arises from his long-lasting experience in the field of music, both from a technical and a creative point of view (songs-writer and musician), that proved him the need of having a warmer, less homologated with the current standards of the music gender concerned.

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