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How does the service purchasing work?
Choose the service you wish to buy by clicking on the designated button in OUR SERVICES (click & buy); afterwards, you will be asked to login, upload your file and enter the information required; hence, proceed with the payment. If instead you choose Stem Mastering Premium service, Vinyl Stem Mastering or Special Mastering Service, ask for a quote to know the costs and to know how to proceed later. Once you paid, you will receive a confirmation email. Later on, while the specialist is working on your file, he will contact you (through the contact you left when you uploaded your file) to give you the possibility to express your needs and give you a steady update about the project’s progress.
What’s the difference between the service you offer and any master created by new software?
There is a substantial difference: generally speaking, new software create masters based on algorithms that shape the sound track. On the contrary, our mastering service is based on the use of appropriate analog equipment carefully regulated by our specialists who will process your master according to the tracks’ characteristics.
Why should I choose your service?
Our Mastering specialist is a professional in the field: he will process any track according to its characteristics and to the Mix line. We recommend our service to anyone who wants unique audio sounds, in compliance with the current standards.
How do I receive my files?
You will receive an email that gives you the opportunity to enter the Download area where you can download your files; otherwise, If you wish, our specialist will send them though a file transfer website of your choice.
Why can’t I find the website Download area?
The Download area does not exist on the website, it is automatically generated by the link you will find in the email you receive once your files are ready to be downloaded.
Why can’t I find the website Upload area?
The Upload area does not exist on the website, it is automatically generated once you purchase one of our services, or by the email confirming receipt of payment.
I bought a service package by mistake, what should I do?
No worries, contact us, we’ll see to helping you as soon as possible.
How many times can I download my files?
You can download your files within 7 days from the mail reception. In this time span, you can download your files anytime and anywhere, as many times as you wish. Time limit exceeded, your files download page will be no longer available.
What should I do if I can’t download my files within the time limit?
No worries, contact us, we’ll see to helping you as soon as possible.
If I just have an Mp3 file format, can you master it anyway?
If you do not have other formats than Mp3, you can send it anyway. In this case, you will receive your Master in the Mp3 format only.
How long does it take from the moment of files delivery to the master reception?
Once we will start processing your file, you will be contacted by our specialist and will be given a steady update about the project’s progress. Hence, you will be instructed regarding your master reception.
How long does it take for you to start processing my file?
It depends on the amount of work in studio. Usually, within 5 working days. If not, you will be informed by our customer support.
If the mix quality is bad, do you recommend to send my file(s) anyway?
Obviously, the mix quality affects the final result. It is important for you to verify that your audio doesn’t clip or distort, in this case we discourage you from sending it.
What kind of equipment will you use for mastering?
Professional analog and digital equipment will be used, depending on the musical genre. Using high quality tube rack modules and professional plug-in, we optimize playback quality on all devices. The equipment we use is listed in a designated space on the website.
Which file format do you prefer to receive?

We discourage you from sending Mp3 file, as this would affect the master audio quality.

Usually we suggest you to send a 24b AIFF or Wav 48Khz (or higher), both for the Stem and the Full Mix Service. On the other hand, for the Vinyl Mastering (from Stems or from Full Mix) and the LP Mastering Service it is essential for us to receive 24b44.1Khz / 48Khz (or higher) file .

Obviously, the higher the file quality we receive, the better is the final result.

What should I do if my file includes lots of low or high frequency sounds?
If you can’t equalize your file, you can send it anyway. Our specialists will work on it. Remember: it is important that your sound does not clip, distort or that the file itself is not damaged.
If the file sound is not clear, do you still guarantee a high quality final result?
We discourage you from uploading a corrupted file, we can’t wave a magic wand :D
What should I do if by mistake I receive other people’s file?
Should this happen, contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.
What should I do if I receive a damaged file?
Should this happen, contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.
What should I do if in the download package a file is lacking?
Should this happen, contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible.
Is it compulsory to insert the tags in the Upload phase?
No, it is elective. If you have other information to be inserted within your file, fill in the designated field. Otherwise, leave them blank.
Can I just load the tags I have at my disposal?
Of course, you can do it using the designated fields, leaving the rest blank.
Sometimes your website uses words I do not understand, such as RMS, Lufs, mid or side. What do they mean?
We use a technical language but, once you will be in contact with our specialist, he will answer all your questions in an accessible way, in order for you to choose the service you need.
Why is the backing track provided only if I buy the Stem mastering service?
The backing track is provided only in this case because the specialist has all the stems available and he can use them to extrapolate a master either without voice or without the main instrument. In the Full Mix Mastering this is not possible as the specialist does just receive a single track’s mix.
Why does the LP MASTERING service not provide other file versions as it happens with other services?
The LP Mastering is an on request service, created for customers who need a specific Master intended for release on a vinyl record. In fact, it calls for production methods different from the ones used for file intended for release on digital devices.
What should I do if, besides the LP Mastering service, I needed file intended for release on digital devices?
In this case, you should purchase both the CD Mastering and the LP Mastering, specifying whether it is an Album, an Ep or a single.
There is no Stem Mastering, Vinyl Stem Mastering and Special Mastering pricing list. Why? How do these services work?
There is no pricing list as these services are on request services, hence prices depend on the tracks’ number, the type of mastering needed for each track (whether from Stems or from Full mix) and, above all, on the kind of device they are intended for (digital device, vinyl or both). Once we have these information, we will send the customer our estimate of costs.
What’s the difference among all the file formats that I receive?
You will receive different file, as each of them suits a different platform or device. For instance, the Streaming Version file suits the streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, etc…), while the Video Version file complies with the YouTube video parameters. Finally, the file intended for release on a vinyl record need a completely different Mastering process, that will make them suitable to produce your LP or Vinyl Mix.
What if I needed a specific file format that you do not include within one of your services?
In this case, you should contact the mastering specialist and specify what you need. The file needed, that might be in AIFF HQ or FLAC (not compressed) format etc., will be added to the rest of the file you required without any additional cost.
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